Coffee Shops & Restaurants Design and Construction St. Kilda

We are a leading design and construction company with experience in coffee shop & restaurant design in St. Kilda.

With over 20 years experience in coffee shop and restaurant design, we are the one place you can count on for design, construction & project management. Our design & constructions takes in large commercial kitchens as pictured below.

Coffee shop and restaurant fitouts can be a problem with an owner wondering how they are going to fit everything into a small space or making a large space look more intimate. That is where Design Field Interiors can help you with the challenge alleviating the worry from you on the design and construction with our knowledge, skills and creativity. This is why restaurant refurbishment is one of our favourite construction services – we deal with exciting challenges, deliver bespoke interiors that our customers are more than proud of, and make sure they remain at the very forefront of restaurant fitouts.

When diners go out to eat, they not only look for the type of food that is available on the menu, but they are looking for a place they can relax in with a warm and inviting ambience. Experience in providing high-end restaurant and coffee shop fitouts in St. Kilda has taught us that the best restaurant interiors should be comfortable, consistent with the venue’s core values, and designed with attention to detail. Good news! We know how to achieve it.

At Design Field Interiors, we realise you want to know more about our work. Your success is the main goal we strive for. We want you to have a stunning success after opening your coffee shop or restaurant, because that's what matters to us. We make sure that all our services are carried out on time and within the established budget. If necessary, we will find opportunities and time to work on the upgrades without the need to disrupt the trade. We offer design, manufacture, and installation equipment that is compatible with your vision. We carry out all the work with attention to quality. A restaurant is a place full of life and our solutions must follow you and your team’s work.

How do we work? Contact us to schedule a meeting. We will get to know your needs and inspirations. Give us time to create a work plan, and then leave the project in the hands of the designers, as well as restaurant contractors and shopfitters. You do not have to worry about anything. It is Design Field Interior's job to deal with all that.

If you would like more information, speak to Hans on 0402 961 155 or go to our Contact page.